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Haworth and Bronté Country Gallery

The path to Top Withens, Stanbury Moor, West Yorkshire

In early August I spent several days in Haworth, home of the Bronté family and located close to the beautiful West Yorshire moors. I've now created a gallery of the photographs I took on this trip which can be viewed here.

Sunsets, Horses and Beach Huts

The East Winner is a sandbank off the coast of Hayling Island, in Hampshire - England, and at low tide it extends for a mile into the Solent - a stretch of water separating the South Coast from the Isle of Wight. When the low tide coincides with sunset a magical stretch of land appears for a short time and attracts walkers and horse riders. Visit my new gallery of photographs taken during my visit to the East Winner in July 2018.

"Walkers, Riders and a Ferry To France"

Whitechapel Eye - Photo Gallery

Announcing my new photo gallery - 'Whitechapel Eye' - selected photography from the last 15 years. The gallery includes photographs of Whitechapel and Spitalfields, dramatic landscapes and seascapes, wildlife and items closely observed. To view the gallery, follow this link.

Interview in CarmeraCraft Magazine

Last month I was interviewed by CameraCraft magazine for a feature on photographers who present their work in books.

The article has now been published and Icon Publications have been kind enough to give me permission to publish the piece click here.

Seoul in four cameras

A mixture of the modern and traditional: Ricoh GR+WAadapter


If you have ever spent any time in camera forums you will have seen the commonly posted question: “I am going on holiday to somewhere and what camera and lenses would you recommend I take?” This article is my personal take on how I chose the equipment I took with me on a recent visit to Seoul in South Korea.

Taxi Kite: "You looking at me?"

Even though the LCD screens on the back of digital cameras have improved enormously, it is not always apparent what you have captured until you get a chance to process your photos and view them on a computer display. In this case I discovered that this Red Kite was checking me out as it spiralled lazily on the thermals above my head, taken in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside. You can click on the photo to see it larger.

My best bird shot of the summer

In recent years I've started to take bird photography a lot more seriously and in mid-June I upgrade my Panasonic m43rds system by acquiring the GH5. Panasonic make a deservedly big noise about the video capabilities of the camera but I purchased it purely for stills and wildlife. In July I put it to the test during a break on the south coast of England photographing swallows. 

BBC In Pictures feature of my latest book

The BBC News has featured my latest book at their website. The article has a number of photographs from the book and some great information about the meaning of each photograph. I feel really privileged to have had my work exhibited on the BBC News website


Londonist review of my latest book

Londonist has put up an article reviewing my latest book at their website and included some of my favourite photographs.

Read the article here.


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