I am a photographer and a former secondary school teacher - I worked in the heart of the historic London district of Whitechapel.

In the past 14 years I have developed a growing reputation as a fine art and documentary photographer, largely concentrating on the East End of London.

My passion is for urban landscapes and in particular challenging people's perceptions of the inner-City. I generally only work in colour and I particularly aim to produce vivid captures which have impact. I am also engaged in co-authoring books on the East End and my first book in a series "Whitechapel in 50 Buildings" (Amberley, ISBN 978-1445661902) was published in September 2016

Apart from publishing several books of photography I have also had my work displayed in exhibitions and used in print publications and books.

Random House selected my photograph of pargeting as a cover photograph for 'Part of the Spell' by Rachel Heath.

  Pargetting In Saffron Waldren

My photograph of the first ever public journey of the new London Routemaster, the so-called Boris Bus is used as the frontpiece to 'Boris's Bus' published by Capital Transport.

First public journey by a new London Routemaster, Camden Town

Aurum used a photograph from my series documenting the 'graffiti' wars between the Banksy and Robbo in Camden Town in 'Banksy The Man Behind The Wall'.


Top Banksy' by Team Robbo, Camden Town

My photography has also appeared in publications as diverse as the Financial Times, Big Issue - Hong Kong, La Repubblica in Italty and on PBS in the USA. I have been exhibited at the Mall Galleries and Cotton Centre in London.

In 2010 I won the RSPB/TfL 'Life Between The Lines' competition with 'Bee Hunting For Pollen In An Artichoke'. In 2015 two of my photographs were 'Highly Commended' in the British Life Photography Awards and appear in the annual BLPA book. I have won several commendations in the International Photography Awards (IPA).

Hunting For Pollen In An Artichoke

My work is available for stock and personal use - please contact me for details.