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Lone Beach Hut at Sunset

Sony A7R, Carl Zeiss FE 24-70/4

I took this photograph almost one year ago to the day - or rather I should say, dusk.

I'd noticed the beach hut all on its own on the shingle on a walk the previous day. I had also been tracking the position of the moon, which was just shy of full, throughout the previous few nights and I was pretty sure they would line up with each other close after sunset.

The only other variable was the weather which had been consistently awful the whole week. My weather app on my smartphone suggested a window of fair weather around sunset and it was my good luck it broke that way.

Sleepy Time

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Leica Q

Victor turned up at our back door about a year ago. A neighbour had rescued him. As often happens with a cat displaced like this he decided that he would choose his home, not some human. So, he chose us. He is a surprisingly affectionate cat and loves to spend time cuddled up with my wife on the couch for an afternoon siesta.

Bull Yummy

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Mortimer Street, London - Ricoh GR

I very rarely do 'street photography' but when I am on an errand I will often take my Ricoh GR with me.

On 'Tin Pan Alley' (Denmark Street)

Guitar Boxes and Construction Workers, Tin Pan Alley, Ricoh GR

I've been visiting Denmark Street since the early 1970s when my father indulgently traipsed around the guitar shops with me on my quest to own my first Gibson. Over the years I have bought more than two handfulls, in fact so many guitars that I would literally have to sit quietly and concentrate for some time to remember them all. All come and gone, though.

Burghley House, April 2011

Burghley House, April 2011, Leica M8 Elmarit M 90/2.8

I recently visited an excellent free exhibition "Lenses On A Landscape Genius" which presents the work of the famous British landscape gardener, Lancelot 'Capability' Brown, as seen through the eyes of contemporary photographers. The exhibition is free and it taking place at the Building Centre in Store Street in London (details here).

Welcome To My New Website!

Times have changed and I have moved on to a new web site so that I can bring to fruition the sale of my books and photographs, publish my reviews of equipment and blog about my photographic activities. I'd love to know what you think about my new web site, so please feel free to contact me!

Sony A7S, Sony FE 90/2.8

This is one of my favourite photographs from the last 12 months. In 2015 we were adopted by a group of foxes. They spent nearly every day last Summer and into the Autumn visiting our garden and eventually we cracked and fed them. Then suddenly in late October they disappeared and we have not seen them since. Foxes are such beautiful animals and so adaptable. I really felt after a while that we were making a connection but I figure that they are migratory animals and at some point their instincts told them to go their separate ways and they disappeared.


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