Lone Beach Hut at Sunset

Sony A7R, Carl Zeiss FE 24-70/4

I took this photograph almost one year ago to the day - or rather I should say, dusk.

I'd noticed the beach hut all on its own on the shingle on a walk the previous day. I had also been tracking the position of the moon, which was just shy of full, throughout the previous few nights and I was pretty sure they would line up with each other close after sunset.

The only other variable was the weather which had been consistently awful the whole week. My weather app on my smartphone suggested a window of fair weather around sunset and it was my good luck it broke that way.

It is far better to have slight whispy cloud like this for sunset photos. In this case the sunset was behind me and as the sun dropped below the horizon it shot through the clouds with beautiful deep red, almost purple hues almost 180 degrees. Fortunately, the cloud broke around the moon and all this came together.

Photography is 90% planning and 10% execution but it also requires a bit of luck thrown in, as well.