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Times have changed and I have moved on to a new web site so that I can bring to fruition the sale of my books and photographs, publish my reviews of equipment and blog about my photographic activities. I'd love to know what you think about my new web site, so please feel free to contact me!

Sony A7S, Sony FE 90/2.8

This is one of my favourite photographs from the last 12 months. In 2015 we were adopted by a group of foxes. They spent nearly every day last Summer and into the Autumn visiting our garden and eventually we cracked and fed them. Then suddenly in late October they disappeared and we have not seen them since. Foxes are such beautiful animals and so adaptable. I really felt after a while that we were making a connection but I figure that they are migratory animals and at some point their instincts told them to go their separate ways and they disappeared.

One thing that did surprise me was how accepting they were of our own and other neighbourhood cats. They really did not care much about them and indeed the cats were largely unintersted in the foxes. In some ways this goes to proove that in fact foxes do not molest or attack cats as is sometimes suggested. I suspect the reason is that foxes in London are so well fed on available rubbish they really do not have to hunt for live food. And in any case 'Bear' the cat in this picture would pack a might punch and claw if a fox became frisky with him!