Whitechapel in 50 Buildings

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This book is the vision of photographer Louis Berk and Rachel Kolsky, an acknowledged expert on east-end and specifically Whitechapel social history. We chose 50 buildings, still standing today, that capture the essence of Whitechapel, past and present. We hope you enjoy this look at Whitechapel as much as we enjoyed writing the book.

Here is the official introduction ...

Why Whitechapel? Outside of the Square Mile (the City of London) it is probably the best known area of greater London in the UK, if not the world. The buildings here range from the majestic, for example the Nicholas Hawksmoor churches at the eastern and southern end of the district (Christchurch and St Georges in the East) and the magnificent Royal London Hospital in the centre, to a wonderful series of social housing projects dating from 1695 to the present day. In-between are buildings of immense importance to the social history of the UK. We will follow in the footsteps of reforming pioneers who left their mark with many philanthropic ventures in the area, including Toynbee Hall and the Bishopsgate Institute. The book  maps the journey of the various immigrant communities who have lived in and contributed to the area, from the Huguenot weavers in the eighteenth century, the large Jewish community of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and the recent growth of the Bangladeshi community, as evidenced by the changing face of Brick Lane 




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