Verbena Bonariensis

Click on the photograph to see a larger size - Sigma DP3M Merrill

I am not a gardener at all but my wife is passionate about her plants and bulbs. I do enjoy photographing the delicate blooms and some are more of challenge than others. This Verbena Bonariensis is still going strong as we head from October into November. 

What I like about flower photography is that the closer one looks at plants the more their design is revealed to be marvellously intricate. From a distance the Verbena blooms almost look like the purple cauliflower florets. Close in are revealed tiny individual flowers with deep purple hairy stems. Each individual flower is made up of five distinct petals with a delicate stamen in the centre. They flowers themselves are in beds of heather-like greenery.

To capture this kind of detail my preferred camera is the Sigma DP3M Merrill. This is probably one of the most unique and unusual digital cameras you can find and I plan to write an article about it soon.