Small Car Big City

On a recent photographic activity in central London for a forthcoming book by my friend Rachel Kolsky I happened upon this tableau which to me is a classic British scene - almost something out of the 'swinging sixties'.

I love the old mini shape - and this was one of the last versions produced, I think sometime at the turn of the millenium. In this case it looks as though it has been modified with an eyecatching colour scheme, nice 'boots' (as we called wheels sometime in the 1970s!) and a full length sun roof. The owners, 'Small Car Big City' specialise in mini-hire and tours around London in a mini. 

Of course, what makes the photo extra-special is the placement of the two iconic red telephone boxes in the background.

Fortunately, I was striding down the street with my camera around my shoulders having been shooting at one end of St Martin's Lane on my way to another spot for more photography, so I was able to capture the shot quite easily (and without being photobombed by traffic).

Small Car Big City have already used the photograph in their Instagram stream. If there are any photographs in my blog, or elsewhere in my website or Flickr stream that you are interested in purchasing please contact me. I also have a lot photography available at the Alamy stock library.