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Interview in CarmeraCraft Magazine

Last month I was interviewed by CameraCraft magazine for a feature on photographers who present their work in books.

The article has now been published and Icon Publications have been kind enough to give me permission to publish the piece click here.

Taxi Kite: "You looking at me?"

Even though the LCD screens on the back of digital cameras have improved enormously, it is not always apparent what you have captured until you get a chance to process your photos and view them on a computer display. In this case I discovered that this Red Kite was checking me out as it spiralled lazily on the thermals above my head, taken in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside. You can click on the photo to see it larger.

Walk to Work eBook - now only £4.99

Click here to order

Whitechapel in colour

120 full colour pages of photographs from 2005-2009 of early morning journeys through the back roads of Whitechapel.Accompanying narrative explains many features of the area.

Originally published as a hardback high quality photographic book (still available) - now available for download as an eBook - click on photograph or link for details

My best bird shot of the summer

In recent years I've started to take bird photography a lot more seriously and in mid-June I upgrade my Panasonic m43rds system by acquiring the GH5. Panasonic make a deservedly big noise about the video capabilities of the camera but I purchased it purely for stills and wildlife. In July I put it to the test during a break on the south coast of England photographing swallows. 

BBC In Pictures feature of my latest book

The BBC News has featured my latest book at their website. The article has a number of photographs from the book and some great information about the meaning of each photograph. I feel really privileged to have had my work exhibited on the BBC News website


Londonist review of my latest book

Londonist has put up an article reviewing my latest book at their website and included some of my favourite photographs.

Read the article here.

"We are but shadows"

As you can see from the home page I have announced the publication of my new book of photography, "East End Jewish Cemeteries: Brady Street and Alderney Road". The book is the result of a 5-year photographic study where I was granted exclusive access to two of the oldest Jewish Cemeteries in the UK, from the 17th and 18th centuries and both now returning to nature. These tranquil and intimate areas are a contradiction to the urban environment of the East End and are hidden from view. Now, this book opens them up and allows the reader to see natural oases in the heart of Whitechapel.

April has started nicely

When I am not tramping the streets of London looking for photographic opportunities I like to relax by doing some bird photography. Although I would hardly call myself a 'twitcher' I have become a little more knowledgeable about bird life and identification. This is the first year we have had a pair nesting in our bird box in the back garden. In this case a pair of Great Tits. I photographed this one returning to the box with a nice juicy caterpillar for his mate. She may already be incubating some eggs!


Save The Whitechapel Bell Foundry

Save Bell by Rob Ryan

The Whitechapel Bell Foundry is the first building in my book "Whitehcapel In 50 Buildings" and was chosen because of its unique and important historical status. The foundry is set to close this year and it uncertain how the buildings will be used in the future. It would be a magnificent outcome if they are preserved for future generations. You can find out how to help by reading the article at Spitalfields Life.


Small Car Big City

On a recent photographic activity in central London for a forthcoming book by my friend Rachel Kolsky I happened upon this tableau which to me is a classic British scene - almost something out of the 'swinging sixties'.

I love the old mini shape - and this was one of the last versions produced, I think sometime at the turn of the millenium. In this case it looks as though it has been modified with an eyecatching colour scheme, nice 'boots' (as we called wheels sometime in the 1970s!) and a full length sun roof. The owners, 'Small Car Big City' specialise in mini-hire and tours around London in a mini. 

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